Q: What options are available for organizing garbage and recycling together and be hidden inside a cabinet?

A: We aim to design every kitchen with a designated area for this function. We use multiple types of units depending on the layout, budget and clients preference. Ideal situations will allow us to install units that slide out of the cabinet when you open the cabinet door. These units will offer bins for your garbage, recycling and food waste, keeping all the mess in one functional location and out of sight in your beautiful kitchen. We also have units that will suit other situations like under a sink or in a tight width cabinet.

Q: What is the difference between painted WOOD doors and painted MDF doors?

A: WOOD doors are built using 5 pieces (2-rails, 2-stiles & 1-centre panel) which create 4 joints when put together. Wood will naturally expand and contract throughout different seasons and humidity conditions in your home. When a wood door is painted, the paint covers the joints and depending on the humidity, the contraction of the wood can potentially crack the paint exposing the joint line. The lighter the paint colour the more visible the joint line. MDF doors are routed out of a solid piece of material and do not have any joints, so there is no potential for any visible joint lines through the paint.

Q: Can I put a hot cooking pan directly on a quartz countertop?

A:  No, quartz is a great product and offers many features, but that is not one of them.  Quartz is a man made product and is susceptible to possible damage if a hot item is placed directly on the surface. This damage would not be covered by the warranty.

Q:  Can I remove my bulkhead?

A: Bulkheads are installed for a few reasons - mainly as a way to house a mechanical service or installed by a home builder as a decorative (or not so decorative) reason.  In most cases, bulkheads can be removed and replaced by taller upper cabinets and a crown moulding that goes to the ceiling.  We first have to open up the bulkhead to see if there are any services inside of it. If this is the case we can either, make arrangements to have these services re-routed or determine if there’s enough space for the existing services to fit and be covered by the crown moulding that will run to the ceiling.  If the bulk head is empty, then we can easily remove the bulkhead and install new taller cabinets and increase the amount of storage space.

Q: Can we increase the amount of storage space, if we keep the existing footprint of our kitchen?

A:  Absolutely! we have so many options available added with great design knowledge, that we can put new cabinets into your existing footprint and significantly increase your storage.

Q: What is the difference between Caesarstone, Silestone and Cambria?

A: These are all quartz countertop products. They are all made very similarly and have the same quality features, they are simply different brands of quartz.
CAESARSTONE: headquartered in Israel, calls itself "the original quartz surface manufacturer”. It is known for pushing the design envelope by incorporating semi-precious stones such as agate, dumortierite, tiger's eye and petrified wood.
SILESTONE: Based in Algeria, Spain, is the flagship quartz brand of Italian company Cosentino, and is known for its vibrant, solid colours.
CAMBRIA: The only American company in the quartz surfaces business, offers the widest range of designs, colours, edges, and slab sizes.
At Silverwood Kitchens, we only promote these three brands of quartz because they are the best quartz manufacturers globally and provide us with the best service and support.

Q: Is there different ways to have designated storage for things like utensils/cutlery/dishware?

A: Yes! There are many options available to have dedicated sections within a drawer to store cutlery, as well as, dividers within a drawer to organize and separate utensils. We have numerous options available to use when it comes to cutlery and utensil storage and organization. We also have great, functional storage options to organize your dishware in a drawer, so you don't have to reach up high to bring down a stack of heavy bowls or plates. Come and see us in the store, so we can explain the additional benefits to storing dishware in a drawer.