SILVERWOOD KITCHENS & BATH INC. is the destination for your kitchen/bath design and renovation. Our sales staff will utilize their kitchen and bath design expertise along with their savvy interior design skills, to ensure your room is designed and decorated to suit your dreams, as well as, be functional at the same time.

Silverwood will work tirelessly with you to make sure we can achieve your dream design within your budget.

Silverwood does this by only sourcing cabinets from CANADIAN 

manufacturers using 3 different cabinet lines. Each one offers adifferent level of customization, starting with stock sizes to a semi-custom line and lastly, to a fully customizable line. By using these 3 specific companies we can achieve your design within budget, in a timely manner.

Silverwood Kitchens & Bath Inc. believes in giving back to the community by supporting local sports teams and charities. This is our community as well, and we want to see it prosper.

We are your silver lining